Βιολογικό Αγρόκτημα Σάρλη - Βιολογική Φάρμα & Αγρόκτημα Σάρλη
Βιολογικό Αγρόκτημα Σάρλη - Βιολογική Φάρμα & Αγρόκτημα Σάρλη
10 Hectares of biological cultivation of the figs of Kimi P.D.O. and its by-products!
A nutritional oasis in Evia island, so close to Athens and yet so far from it!

The edible optimistic message from Ancient Greece.

The biological farm “Farma Sarli” is located in a valley formed by the two rivers of Manikiatis and Kolethra, surrounded by a forest of centuries-old plane trees and a flora of rare plants and herbs.

Running waters are abundant and with the presence of a unique fauna of wild animals, makes it a unique landscape.

The idea to create such a farm from our family, started from the rebirth of the traditional ways of cultivating and breeding the native plants and animals, their treatment and their conservation with true biological means, so that any visitor may taste and buy pure products without any bad substances coming from the intervention of the chemical industry.

After being moved by our visitors and friends, we took their advice and we expanded in the area of accommodation, when we made a stone building with traditional architecture with a capacity of about 20 beds in the form of rooms and suites. The traditional architecture in combination with up-to-date technology, allows us to be in a position to give to every visitor an experience of ultimate relaxation, while being able to communicate and keep in touch with their business affairs during their vacation. The indoor areas of accommodation are equipped with ecological materials of excellent quality and are able to shelter up to 6 people, with the ability to guest even people with disabilities. Our kitchen offers meals of the traditional Mediterranean cosine, and all products used are from our farm and certified biological from the company BIO HELLAS and the Greek Ministry of Agricultural Development. Our outdoor spaces are formed to satisfy the needs of young and old, in order of them to have a pleasant visit, with stone bridges, tree houses, walking roads, and resting areas, that lead to all the visiting buildings of our farm (winery, dryers, packaging department, stables, chicken houses, green house, wine trees, olive trees, etc…)
Οικολογικές Δραστηριότητες - Φάρμα Σάρλη
Οικολογικές Δραστηριότητες - Φάρμα Σάρλη

Apart from our hospitality, the fun, and the good food that you will encounter on our farm, we also provide the ability for visitors to be a part of our every day and seasonal activities at the farm.

Our sporty friends can even do horse riding, mountain biking, hiking, mountain climbing, hunting, fishing, even go on 4×4 and enduro routes.

There are also facilities available for hosting conference tourism with modern audiovisual media, for business executives and scientific teams.

The landscape is blessed with the beauty of the green mountains with the firs, the plateaus, the gorges, the valleys, the rivers, the plane trees, and the rich vegetation, in combination with the deep blue of the Aegean Archipelago make for a breathtaking view.

The small graphic villages with their traditional architecture of various two-story stone houses, with their ceramic roofs and their complicated fences from iron, drowned in the green and flowers, compose unique scenery.

Nature was very generous in our area and visiting it at any time of the year will for sure make your trip remarkable.